Shipping and return policies for Daniel Carter and Little Mountain Publications, LLC

Shipping Info
We do not charge for handling.

All orders that we receive by 10 am get shipped out that same day. All orders received after that we ship out the next day, Monday through Saturday. We do not ship on Sundays or on nationally-recognized holidays, because USPS does not pick up or deliver on those days.

We ship all orders via USPS first class or priority mail, depending upon how heavy they are. Up to 13 ounces we ship out first class. Depending upon where you're located, your cost will be anywhere from $2 to $3.50, give or take some, and you'll receive it anywhere from one to four days from the day we ship your order out. Priority mail shipments cost from around $5.50 on up, but they get to their destinations a day or two sooner, usually.

We cannot guarantee arrival dates or times. Once we release the package to USPS, that's completely out of our control.

While the USPS has an almost perfect record with getting packages to their proper destinations, vary rarely there is some odd glitch somewhere that makes a package end up at the wrong address. Even in these weird cases, the USPS corrects the problem and sends the package on to the right address. 99% of the time, everything goes flawlessly.

In most cases, when we ship internationally, you should have not problem in getting your orders. However, there is more opportunity for things to go wrong when we send packages outside of the USA. Customs seem to have a mind of their own, and , local mail systems in foreign countries tend to have their own idiocyncracies. If you're worried about not receiving something, when you order, in the comments section, tell us to add a few dollars charge for ensuring your package. That way, if for some reason, the package doesn't get to you, we can start the process of tracking/finding it or getting you reimbursed.
Return Policy
We only accept returned merchandise that has an inherent problem in its proper function. For example, if your CD does not play properly, due exclusively to a problem with the CD in the condition you received it from us, we will gladly accept it back and either send you another one to replace it, or, if you desire, reimburse you for the cost of the CD minus the shipping fees (we do not charge for handling). You will be responsible for the fees involved in shipping the non-functioning item back to us, and we will ship you a replacement at our expense (i.e., we'll pay for shipping the replacement to you, because we really want you to have it!).

One of the many reasons we openly and gladly allow and even exhort you to first listen to all the music on our websites before purchasing a CD is so you will have no basis for later on wanting to send the CD back to us because it somehow doesn't meet your expectations in quality, likeability, or any other personal esthetic reasons. Because we make all the music completely available for you to listen to however many times you want before you purchase, we expect you to make your choice and stick to it. Besides, we're certain that the more you play this beautiful music and story, the more you'll fall in love with it. However, as was alluded to above, if one of the songs is obviously not playing correctly (distortion or whatever other issue), give us a call and we'll decide together how best to remedy the situation.